Benefits of Off-Leash Walking

Having the satisfaction of knowing your best friend isn’t left lonely and bored at home during your busy day will enable you to relax and to come home to a happy, well exercised, and socialized dog.  Additionally, providing your dog with the activities he needs is very important to his well being.

Dogs who don’t receive proper exercise and socialization may display, among other behavioral traits, aggression toward people and other dogs, destructive behavior, short attention spans, depression, inability to learn basic commands, and excessive weight gain.  The solution?  An outing with Dallas and his pals to Grandview Park for off-leash excitement.  What could be more fun for your dog than running, fetching, wrestling, digging, rolling, and frolicking with his pals?!

By providing balls to fetch, toys to tug on, and frisbee’s to catch we keep your dog engaged in the physical activity he needs.  We also strive to provide mental stimulation by working on the agility course at Grandview Park, and by reinforcing obedience training.