What our clients say!

Our clients let us know by barks and purrs how they appreciate our services. Their people also have the following good words to say:

Elynn and her team have been so amazing providing excellent care to Scout.  They are so kind and take extra time with both he and I.  –C. Wagner and Scout

A “thank you” barely touches on the gratitude we feel for you (Elynn) and Tony.  Your help with both Zeph and Cita (and Mary’s help too!) kept me from losing my mind and giving up early.  I know we had both dogs longer because of your willingness to help.  I can never thank you enough for all that you have done and continue to do with Barlow.  –K. France and C. Herrick and Barlow

Thank you Elynn and Tony for loving my kids so much. –C. Cagle and Howie and Chloe

We couldn’t have hoped for better people to be Cooper’s friends and our friends too!  S. and P. Hockenstien and Cooper

Elynn has been caring for my dog and five cats since 2007.  She is a wonderful, caring, trustworthy person.  Just a delight.  –D. Winchell

Magnus has been in Dallas and Pals’ care since he was 5 months old.  Elynn, Tony, Zak, Zach, and Mary do a great job.  He goes to the park with them 3-5 times a week.  Elynn stays at the house when we are away and he loves that too.  We were gone during the heat wave in 2007, and Elynn actually drove him around in her car with the A/C on to cool him off.  Dallas and Pals does more than we could ask as far as adjusting to our schedule and cleaning Magnus upon return from the park.  While this is a job for Elynn and her team, they put more into it than you can imagine as they truly do love dogs.  –G. and C. Bush and Magnus

Thank you for providing a much needed service and for caring about Charger.  You’ve changed life for the better for him and we are thankful.  –K. and J. Weisberg and Charger

Mary was wonderful.  We’ll definitely use your services again.  –K. and B. Cade and Riley

I have been a client of Dallas and Pals for several months now and am very happy with the service they provide.  I have two dogs that love them all.  They are reliable, caring, and willing to adjust their schedules whenever it’s needed.  If you are looking for reliable and caring dog walkers, these are the ones to call.  –H. Floen and China and Chelsea

I LOVE ELYNN and her team!  I moved out of their area last year and one of the main reservations I had with moving was losing their service.  For several months after I moved, I brought my boys to work with me because my work IS in their area, and they would pick them up and drop them off from there.  I just couldn’t bear to not have them in my dogs’ life.  I have also utilized Elynn and her team as house sitters when we have gone out of town.
I was pleased with Elynn and her team from day one.  They are very responsible.  The dogs respond to them and safety is always of utmost importance.  Elynn and her team are definitely “dog” people.  They respect each of their dog clients as well as each of their human clients.  My dogs were very clean when I arrived home at the end of the day.  I really couldn’t say anything negative about their services. I trust them implicitly with both my boys and my home.  –T. Sach and Henry and Murphy

Elynn and Tony take great care of my girls and are so flexible.  They are such a great help to me.  –W. Sikes and Sadie and Pearl

Thank you Elynn, Tony, Mary, Zak, and Zach for all of your help with Allie.  She loves Dallas and Pals!!  –C. Brogen and Allie

My family and I think Elynn and Tony and their crew are awesome!  –J. Avery and Mytah, Charlie, and Mufasa

Thank you so much for everything.  I could tell that Lola had a blast.  Thank you for reinforcing our training by using our commands.  We really appreciate it. -K. Lozar and Lola