What sets us apart from the rest?

  • We are experienced in pack management, as well as dog-to-people and dog-to-dog interaction.
  • We always have at least two dog handlers at the park with our pack.
  • We strive for a ratio of no more than six dogs per handler at the park.
  • We understand the need for special care of large breed dogs.
  • Dogs are transported in air-conditioned vans that have dividers to separate the dogs.
  • Our vehicles are equipped with a portable spraying system so your dogs come home free of mud.
  • We offer extended overnight pet sitting in your home.  We maintain your pets’ normal feeding and sleeping schedules and locations, and everything else they need to remain comfortable.
  • We are experienced with giving injections, sub-Q fluids, syringe feeding, administering medications, wound care, and many other procedures.
  • We have experience with senior and special needs pets.

Romp, run, and fun – Dog walking services – Learn more

In addition to helping to keep your canine pal healthy and happy, regular exercise can help curb destructive habits and alleviate separation anxiety.

So, give yourself the gift of coming home to a well exercised, calm, and happy dog.  Give your dog the gift of healthy outdoor play running, fetching, exploring, and socializing with canine and human friends.

Sit. Good dog (and cat!) – Pet sitting services – Learn more

What better place for your pet to stay while you are away than in their own home?  You can relax knowing your pet and your home will be well cared for.